so i ran a half marathon..

i DID it!

with everything going on recently with my health and some of the tests ive had done over the past month or so, there’s been little time left for me to go out and just enjoy a good run. i haven’t felt good, ive had zero energy and had let myself go quite a bit on my regular routines overall day to day. im a creature of habit, so when life throws a curve ball at me, it’s just as hard for me to try to change my routine as it is to initially develop one.

this past weekend i had the opportunity to do a “virtual race” for Team Challenge, an endurance group organized through the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America that focuses on fundraising while training for various race events.  a group im affiliated on facebook sent an opportunity a little around a month ago to run a “virtual run” with them so i took the opportunity & ran with it 😉

while i may not have been able to join my friends in the “Rock n Roll” Vegas on the strip to run the half with Team Challenge, i’m glad i was given the opportunity to do it with them in heart. so, using Charity Miles, i ran myself to the point of exhaustion.  i havent been on a long run in ages & when i had, most time ive been stopping to do intervals or just running slow and steady.  i did mine on the treadmill & think because of my adrenaline pumping and my end goal in site, my first Team Challenge medal, i had it in me.  i had an awesome 10k – 58 minutes!! holy cats that is great for me! my first 10k race in chicago i had gotten just above an hour.  i finally got under! (probably due to the fact where i put the treadmill at a high pace and challenged myself more instead of changing up speed constantly on the roads i regularly run on daily).  it felt great – until mile 8.  i kept telling myself – just run the rest like you’re running a 5k.. all it’s going to take is a simple 5k.  i dont know how i did it, but i did.  just around the 2 1/2 hr mark.

it was not so comical trying to walk up and down the steps the next two days.. but SO worth it. i truly needed something like this to turn my spirits around since ive been feeling pretty crummy. im already looking forward to my next real road race.

13.1 & done!


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