patience really is a virtue.

this amazing woman… I’m speechless. This is what a hero looks like: no cape, no badge, no Gotham city bat signal. This woman has handled her journey with grace, dignity & resilience. I love you Brooke. You are a reason I will turn #purpleproject into a long term project. Xoxo.

Fierce and Flared

Did I blink and this was over? I officially have NO ostomy. I am speechless. It’s great, better than you could ever imagine. My life is back, my freedom is back, my family’s freedom is back and all of that is priceless.

As I lay in my hospital bed, for hopefully the last time for a long time, I can’t help but to think about how fast this all went. Do you want to know why I feel like it went so fast? Because I had a positive attitude towards all of it for the majority of the time. Am I perfect? No, far from it. Have I handled this situation with grace and positivity? I can tell you that I have given it my best effort, but there have been break downs and that is ok.  I went through a lot of things to fix those negative thoughts and actions. It was…

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