throwback thursday – 13th diagnosis anniversary.

13 years ago today i received 3 letters that would both alter my path on life and change my image of what i thought the word “sick” meant.

this post will be pictures. & only pictures. because i want each and every person that comes across this to see me as a person first, living with an illness secondary.

ive decided to share pictures only from a year or two after my diagnosis on, because those pictures are a great and terrible beauty. and also, ive lost them. (a blessing, really).

the pictures im sharing now, are either immediately before, during or after hospital stays – keep in mind, this is over the span of 13 years. some of these pictures, ive never shared with anyone. a picture’s worth a thousand words, right?

i turned 30 this week. my Crohn’s turned 13. 13 years of flares. 13 years of infusions, injections, transfusions, pills, dollars, tears, friends, jobs. 13 years of advocacy.

ive never seen Remission. 13 years is far too long.

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want to dedicate $30 to my next endurance event to celebrate 13? click here to help us find a cure, that one day, ill be able to cross a finish line with better quality of life, better medications and treatments and hopefully, one day a cure.



perception & icebergs.

(for a better reading experience, pop this blog up on your desk/laptop & grab a snack & come on back.. cause i’m bout to spit some truth.)

in my next 13 years, i hope that the man i will someday choose to love will see and accept me not for my curse, but as a blessing. i don’t want to be seen as my illness & i’ve also learned that i do not need verbal validation how sick i am or have been, yet pretend to be a normal functioning human all at the same time. i want to be seen as a wife, with a compassion for serving others, with kids at my dinner table, in a house that i own, with a dog sitting next to my front porch swing. i want to cross a thousand finish lines without raising money to find a cure for a disease that will be in full Remission, with hopes of being so much closer to a better quality of life with this illness. my hope is that in my lifetime, i will see better therapies, better care & more compassion to those living with illness – both visible and not so visible. i want to be healthy enough to take care of my family, be able to conceive children if God has this in His plan for me and i want my life to be more meaningful, grateful and full of.. well, life.

something very beautiful happens to people when their world has fallen apart: a humility, a nobility, a higher intelligence emerges at just the point when our knees hit the floor. – marianne williamson

for information regarding extraintestinal manifestions, visit:
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