What Types of Doctors Should I See with IBD?

For many of us living with IBD, it seems like our care team is bigger than our immediate families. But there are very important reasons to have these specialists on our teams. Do you know which doctors you should have on your team and why? Below we give a few examples of why it’s important and how they can each individually help us as patients to live a successful and proactive life as a patient.

view of clinic

Photo by Daniel Frank on Pexels.com

Read the rest of the article here: What Doctors Should I See?

One thought on “What Types of Doctors Should I See with IBD?

  1. Hello Kelly,

    On this past Wednesday I was at a great event. We are lucky to have a hydration specialist in Calgary. There are 7 in Canada and we have one here. She put together a fantastic powerpoint regarding the importance of hydration to ostomates. I’s love to share it with you and yes I have permission to share it.

    Let me know if you wish to view it

    Thank you

    Regards Ian


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