Before I Got Sick

The following is a piece that would simply not exist without the knowledge you have all given to me. I dedicate these words to all of the generous souls who have let me inside of their personal worlds. On the good days… and on the worst days of their lives. This is my love letter to all of the people who have made an impact on my personal journey.

Before I got sick

I didn’t understand what health was. I had no idea what Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis was. I took what I had for granted – I never knew any different. “Health is never valued until sickness comes.” It’s true. Until you get an eye-opening experience or diagnosis, you tend to take things for granted.

I didn’t know what the word “remission” meant, other than remission from cancer. But Remission is real. I capitalize Remission because it is just as more important as any disease. But remission is REAL, and people experience it. I will, too.

I could spend the night at someone else’s house without worrying I would wake up in a panic, sick to my stomach.

I never had to worry about pulling over on the highway puking my guts out or keep an empty grocery bag handy in case I can’t stop going 70mph on the highway, but such is life living with GI diseases.

I didn’t feel guilty about canceling plans.


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One thought on “Before I Got Sick

  1. Thank you for sharing this Kelly! It does need to be said. You are dealing with so much through no fault of your own. There is so much emotion and grief with life changing diseases, as we have learned with Sawyer. Very few people understand what it means to live with these diseases. Even when medicines work, you wonder what will happen when they don’t. Having a life changing disease changes you forever. Please know that we do understand and you are always in our prayers.


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