Being the Sick Friend

The unspoken label no one wants, but is referred to anyway.. the “sick” friend. Not everyone has one, but in a world full of amazing scientific research, as well as the best diagnostics that we’ve ever had….. there is likely more than one in a group of friends.

I’m not talking about the friend that has migraines once in a while that seem to go away with Excedrin. I’m talking about the friend that misses parties, weddings, or their own graduations because they are too sick to leave their house, their hospital bed, and their safe space.

I’m that friend

As much as I hate saying it out loud, much less typing it, I’m that friend. I’m that friend that has to send text messages that start with an apology and usually end in an “I promise we’ll catch up soon.” I’m the friend that makes promises that I can’t keep. I’m the friend that’s easy to drop, gets left out of group text messages, and soon, doesn’t get invited to nuptials that as kids, was the only thing best friends dreamed about.

I’m the friend whose illness is inconvenient, but not just to me. It’s inconvenient for someone trying to plan dinners. It’s inconvenient when you think I’m not the life of the party because I can’t make a drunken toast at a bachelorette party because my meds interact. (I’m still me).

I’m the friend whose hospitalizations, procedures, and doctor appointmentsyou get sick of hearing about. Sure, you were very supportive when I found out I was sick, but where did you go after?

I guess I was a friend when it was convenient.

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