Charity Miles

what’s the reason you run?imagesCM

for me, it’s purely the challenge of literally physically fighting my body.  exercise has always made my Crohn’s worse for some reason (nothing about this makes sense to me).  obviously, throughout this whole training period, it will be a challenge. i face a hard road trying to train consistently while having flares.  i know it will be difficult; it has so far! there are days when i am just too exhausted to do anything than what i absolutely need to after work & there are days that i am just too sick to test the waters. i know where most port-o-pottys are on my routes, but there have been times i get to that destination & they’re gone!! nightmare.

about 7 months ago i begin using an free app called “Charity Miles“. it took about 15 seconds to download to my phone & is literally the easiest app to use.  when i run, i click on the app & it gives me an option of what exercise i am doing that day; walking, running or biking.  it then gives me a choice of which charity i would like to donate money towards for every mile i do that day.  i think in total there may be a choice of 15 charities now, including CCFA (Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America). whats better than running to raise money to find a cure? ill tell you: nothing.  using this app is the only thing i can do some days to make me feel like there is an end in site. not only am i getting stronger, im raising money & giving back to an organization full of people that changed my life.  not often are you able to give back to the people that give you the most, but this is one way i feel i am able to do this. each mile i run, Charity Miles donates $0.25. do you know how fast this adds up?? (a marathoner would raise $6.55 for running a marathon!)

i think its great that Charity Miles gives athletes so many options where they would like to donate to: Feeding America, Michael J. Fox Foundation, Wounded Warrior Project, and so many others. i have no idea how they are able to do this, but it’s wonderful. and it gives me hope.

a few months ago, i was asked to give my story to Charity Miles so they could feature it in their “Spotlight On:” Series.  its a wonderful series of individual’s stories who face physical challenges yet decide to compete in fitness events such as half & full marathons, triathlons, etc.  some of these stories will have you crying, some will have you absolutely laughing, but all will make you grateful.  this opportunity has given me hope that im doing this all for a reason. #purpleproject is getting attention for the right reasons: awareness, raising funds and how exactly i am choosing to do it.  i cant wait to share the final result with you (will be published & featured on the national website/Facebook page).

if you get a chance, please make sure to check out how easy & user-friendly this app is.  it’s GPS enabled and lets you share how many miles you walk, run or bike on your social media.  since i began using this, several of my (awesome) friends have started to use this as well.  some of them are friends who participate in triathlons & marathons, how awesome is that?! all those miles.  for us!!



colorful end to summer


found it fitting to post a picture of me next to a port-o-potty

alas…. the season of summer has ended. time for the fun warm summer runs to turn into hoodies and extra layers, for fruity beach drinks to turn into warm apple ciders, and the leaves to start falling..

after so little activity for the past few weeks, it felt great to get out and finally get in a few miles. whats better than being able to do this with family?

as for the run itself, it was a great time, but nothing in comparison to the previous Color Run i had ran at Miller Park. sure, these races are meant to be more of a “fun run” than anything else (75% of participants walk) but can also provide a little boost to those in training. there were at least a few thousand more in the Milwaukee which makes for a little more excitement/shenanigans. the course (uwgb) was a less than stellar terrain and im surprised no one tripped…. (me).

im glad part of our nation has taken it upon themselves to become more active and healthy, but these types of races recently haven’t come without controversy. its an interesting take to those that may live to run long or short distances for many different purposes. for me, learning to run again has been a series of small and large milestones (10 years this september since my total reconstructive knee surgery.. when i was told my walking would never be the same!) – fun runs like these remind me that I am having fun along the way of getting to know my own rhythm again. we all need (self)assurance from time to time, especially when trying to accomplish a lifetime achievement right?


doing any event in the middle of a flare is something i can reflect on later that will allow me to keep going! after all, this is what the #purpleproject is all about, right??