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living with Crohn’s disease & rheumatoid arthritis, i often find myself testing out things that might make my life a little bit easier, whether it be completing tasks, living more simply or trying new products that bring relief.  the following is dedicated to the products i have tried & found quite useful during those times of transition in and out of the hospital, keeping comfortable at home and simple hacks & educational/informative tools that may also bring relief to you!

Moov – personal fitness coach (swimming, running, lifting weights, rowing, boxing,
fitbit surge watch
my fitbit gives me more information about my body than ive ever had in my hands before. not only does it help monitor my heart rate, especially when i feel like i am bottoming out from dizzy dysautonomia spells, but it helps tremendously with stats like sleep and other patterns that are helpful for knowing when the best time of day for me to work out is.
snapea crisps


Knockout! panties – My favorite is the lacy panty!

my favorite panty is the lacy panty. “every pair protects us from wetness and odor all day, everyday. The liner has an all natural odor absorbing treatment and dual-action wicking fibers built right into the 100% cotton fabric. Thin, breathable and natural, you won’t believe how much protection is packed into such a small area” – knockout! founder & CEO Angela Newnam

when i first started biologics (both infusions & injections), i began to lose a lose of hair. at 17, you care about your image. you’re self-conscious & think everyone else around you can see your loose spots, your bald spots & your thinning hair. nioxin, in addition to supplements helped maintain the hair that i did have & ultimately helped prevent me from losing more hair (IMO).


i have used biotin in addition to other hair & nail supplement for years. ive never really had great skin, hair or nails, but using biotin in addition to the shampoo & conditioner i used, it helped replenish some of the nutrients i had lost due to the harsh medications i had started. i have recently began using this when i starting my methotrexate tabs & when i started injecting as well. my hair is almost back to “normal” minus a few thinning spots.

Yardley soap products – my favorite is Lavender; not harsh on my dry, sensitive skin. the smell is fantastic & the shower gel is amazing too. they also have a kind of oatmeal-type of soap for sensitive skins. i have used both & really enjoy the smells!


sprayquick handheld bidet with all of the hygienic upkeep that living with IBD entails, sprayquick has been there for quick relief at a moments notice. for cleaning your personal business, wiping things down with an easy, quick handheld sprayer or if you have cats who are easily amused by water….. this is your handheld answer.

adaptive scissors

mederma rolling stick

bio oil  for scars, uneven skin tone, aging or dehydrated skin & stretch marks “Bio‑Oil is formulated to help improve the appearance of scars, but it can never remove them.”

Paul Mitchell tea tree shampoo & conditioner

aveda stress-fix scrub

*disclaimer – i am not being paid or reimbursed products for placing these products on my blog. my opinions are my own, and it is my hope that finding things that help my body cope, heal & train for events, are able to be used by many!*


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