perception & icebergs.

(for a better reading experience, pop this blog up on your desk/laptop & grab a snack & come on back.. cause i’m bout to spit some truth.)

in my next 13 years, i hope that the man i will someday choose to love will see and accept me not for my curse, but as a blessing. i don’t want to be seen as my illness & i’ve also learned that i do not need verbal validation how sick i am or have been, yet pretend to be a normal functioning human all at the same time. i want to be seen as a wife, with a compassion for serving others, with kids at my dinner table, in a house that i own, with a dog sitting next to my front porch swing. i want to cross a thousand finish lines without raising money to find a cure for a disease that will be in full Remission, with hopes of being so much closer to a better quality of life with this illness. my hope is that in my lifetime, i will see better therapies, better care & more compassion to those living with illness – both visible and not so visible. i want to be healthy enough to take care of my family, be able to conceive children if God has this in His plan for me and i want my life to be more meaningful, grateful and full of.. well, life.

something very beautiful happens to people when their world has fallen apart: a humility, a nobility, a higher intelligence emerges at just the point when our knees hit the floor. – marianne williamson

for information regarding extraintestinal manifestions, visit:
Very Well -What Are the Extra-Intestinal Complications of Crohn’s Disease? 


#purpleproject runs the Vegas strip at night!

since i have had so much support & love from all of you in the past, id like to let you in on a (not so) little secret – in november, i will be running my next 1/2 marathon with CCFA Team Challenge – raising funds each mile i train (with Charity Miles) & also with a goal in mind of raising $4,142 – to represent the number of days that i will have been diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease.

training for any endurance event with a chronic illness gives patients an exciting form of anxiety. the last few events ive trained for, they werent under the best circumstances (separated shoulder, Crohn’s flare/rectal surgery & raging arthritis) but i overcame them & was able to still finish last years Chicago half-marathon, meeting a crazy ton of you all who follow this, my IG account or my Facebook page. since then, i have “met” SO many people that i will meet up with in Vegas in November & i could not be more thrilled to be running with & next to the most dedicated, hopeful people i call teammates. how lucky am i??

there are moments with autoimmune disease youre not sure if youll make it another day. since we dont get to pick and choose when those days, weeks or months will pop up, ill keep fighting for the good days – so one day this disease is not used in the present tense when we talk about it & educate others.

here is my link is you’d like to share. id love your help to exceed my goal:


there will be much more to come in the next few months & id love to have your support through it all. follow me on my next TC half journey to Vegas by following the hashtags #purpleprojectrunsVegas & #onamissiontoRemission and yes, you may see a #runningtothebathroom here & there… because, Crohn’s.

tonsillectomies, adenoidectomies & suppositories! hooray!

first & foremost, drugs.   i wanted to give an update, considering all of the thoughtful emails, voicemails & texts im having a hard time reading. my nightly IBD meds make it hard to focus anyway, but when you add … Continue reading

27 things i intend to do before turning 27

sometimes its the simplest things that make us happy….


1. continue to be as happy as i was at age 26 (what a good year!)

2. learn more about sharks. because i can.

3. find a diet regimen that works well with my IBD (a challenge, since your body doesnt always except the same things)

4. go on more dates.

5. become a damn good thrift shopper.

6. build an even more amazing team at work.

7. maintain a healthy, consistent weight (even while being on steroids).

8. play “future days” on the piano by heart.

9. rehab my knee to be the strongest its ever been (including before surgery)

10. have mom & dad both guest blog.

11. find a hobby i am good at.

12. partner up with BloodCenter of WI for a Green Bay blood drive.

13.1 = run a half marathon with Team Challenge Wisconsin.

14. give support groups another chance.

15. become a ‘big sister’.

16. pay off a chunk of my medical debt.

17. actually read the magazines i get.

18. become more extroverted.

19. learn how to finally perfectly poach an egg.

20. pray more.

21. grow my own vegetables.

22. learn to french braid.

23. be more creative.

24. write more snail mail.

25. go paleo for 1 month.

26. golf.

27. develop #purpleproject into a long-term plan… 🙂