colorful end to summer


found it fitting to post a picture of me next to a port-o-potty

alas…. the season of summer has ended. time for the fun warm summer runs to turn into hoodies and extra layers, for fruity beach drinks to turn into warm apple ciders, and the leaves to start falling..

after so little activity for the past few weeks, it felt great to get out and finally get in a few miles. whats better than being able to do this with family?

as for the run itself, it was a great time, but nothing in comparison to the previous Color Run i had ran at Miller Park. sure, these races are meant to be more of a “fun run” than anything else (75% of participants walk) but can also provide a little boost to those in training. there were at least a few thousand more in the Milwaukee which makes for a little more excitement/shenanigans. the course (uwgb) was a less than stellar terrain and im surprised no one tripped…. (me).

im glad part of our nation has taken it upon themselves to become more active and healthy, but these types of races recently haven’t come without controversy. its an interesting take to those that may live to run long or short distances for many different purposes. for me, learning to run again has been a series of small and large milestones (10 years this september since my total reconstructive knee surgery.. when i was told my walking would never be the same!) – fun runs like these remind me that I am having fun along the way of getting to know my own rhythm again. we all need (self)assurance from time to time, especially when trying to accomplish a lifetime achievement right?


doing any event in the middle of a flare is something i can reflect on later that will allow me to keep going! after all, this is what the #purpleproject is all about, right??