pet therapy



many of the life events we are most likely to share with loved ones happen outside of our homes.. work promotions, social gatherings, beating a personal record in 10k, … but it’s the ones we come home to that really mean the most to us and keep us from going to bed as stressed out as when we came home.



there have been occasions i came home from the hospital, to be greeted by the greatest thing in the world: my dog. my Yukon. after my initial stint in the ICU, i remember having to sleep in the living room since i could not be alone. normally, Yukon would have jumped up and down out of excitement. but Yukon had an instinct to be protective. he sat at the bottom of that couch and stood watch night after night.

there is something to be said about what animals are able to provide those who live with chronic illness. the physical contact and emotional bond that a pet can provide someone can be exactly what someone with rheumatoid arthritis needs because their loved one may not understand the physical pain of even lying next to them. a pet can provide as an outlet to humans that, lets face it, other humans can’t provide, because pets won’t talk back!

i mean absolutely no offense to non-sufferers of any illness, but sometimes were terrified to tell you how we really feel – emotionally drained, sad, alone, helpless. we know how much you think we complain and many times we are guilted into keeping quiet. there is something so psychic the way a pet can sense what a human feels.

many adjectives can be used to describe the love a pet can provide but i prefer two: loyal and unconditional. of course i think i am the luckiest human in the world.. anyone who sees my social media sees the love i have for my animals. i have been so lucky that in my life i have been loved and cared for by God, but also the selfless creatures He placed here with us.

there’s a reason that pets don’t outlive human beings but we may not ever understand all of them. pets spend their whole lives serving someone, never expecting to be put first, but are always there waiting to greet us at the end of a long day.

this is 1 prescription i will be happy to fill the rest of my life! 🐾